It’s more important now than ever for brands to understand how they are currently performing in terms of diversity and inclusion and to establish measures to help determine progress. Our proprietary Brand Inclusivity Performance Index (BIPI) tool is designed to energize brands by serving as a baseline for improving or optimizing their diversity and inclusion initiatives. The tool allows brands to quantitatively measure and gauge performance in their diversity commitment.

BIPI’s grading system is built on existing publicly available sources
and is based on six primary considerations:

Diverse Customer Composition

A brand’s existing consumer base and whether it is representative of a diverse audience. ​

Brands That Walk The Walk

A brand’s existing commitment to diversity and inclusion within their organization through their leadership teams, employee hiring practices, vendor partnerships, and community outreach initiatives.​

Advocacy Membership

How a brand enhances their commitment to diversity through advocacy and relevant organization memberships.​

Dedicated Financial Investments

A brand’s actual financial investments in culturally relevant marketing that services and targets specific ethnic groups and other underserved segments.

Targeted Advertising and Messaging

Whether a brand consistently maintains advertising creative for diverse audiences.

Dedicated Agency Partners

Established partnerships with advertising and marketing agencies that are also dedicated to multicultural and diverse audiences.